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Two Seperate Dreams, One with Satan, One with God

by Jennifer Rea

2 similar dreams. 1 I believe symbolizes God 1 I believe symbolizes Satan. In the first one, I was riding in a high shopping cart with some friends, racing. The road looked similar to one of the roads on the way to Mt. Hood Village. On one side there was a very large steep hill, covered by a forest. On the left side, there was a downward slopping hill, equally steep, covered by forest.

I was loosing speed and my friends started leaving without me. I began to panic and the cart I was in swerved off to the side and tipped over as one of the wheels slipped off the road. I toppled out of the cart and started rolling down the hill. When I was on the road all the trees had been deep green pine trees. When I rolled down the hill, the ground was covered in crunchy autumn leaves.

when I reached the bottom, I got scared to be away from my friends, but I looked around. I saw small animal bones on the ground. I became more scared and continued to look around to see where I was and saw something that truly terrified me. I don't remember if I had seen Satan himself, or just the severed goat head... Or maybe a goat skull. I don't remember, but I was so scared I thought I might die of fright.


The other dream was much more pleasant. I was standing on an empty dirt road. There was grass all around and on the left side was a very steep grassy hill with a forest toward the bottom. I was talking happily to my two best friends, Amy and Shelby, when I took a step back and my foot slipped off the dirt road causing me to stumble. I tumbled down the hill, a little afraid. I ended up tumbling through the forest.

Before I stopped rolling I somehow went into a blue house in the middle of the forest. I think one of the walls of the house was missing for me to roll into it. I got up and thought Amy and Shelby would be looking for me but I decided I didn't want to be found. I started looking around and went to walk around the house. The house was sitting in a huge clearing. There was a shallow stream surrounding the house like a moat. A little bridge went over the
stream and there was still a good distance of grass beyond it before the clearing ended.

I believe the great white wolf that I saw there may have been god. He never spoke, but I understood anyway... There were no words or voices in my head but I knew what he wanted anyway. When I first saw him, I was scared and thought to run away. Then he looked at me and I realized he wasn't an ordinary wolf. He didn't want to be afraid and he didn't run at me. I somehow knew that the house I had rolled into belonged to him. He looked at me and I felt like he had asked me to walk with him, but I didn't hear words, he made no sound. I just knew he had asked me without asking me.

I walked with him around the house. I felt like we had made small talk without speaking, until two boys started down the hill and toward the clearing. (I find it slightly odd that it's 2 males, because I have nightmares often and most of the time I'm being chased by 2 random men.) My first thought was that it was Amy and Shelby but looking again, I realized that I did not recognize them and they were both definitely boys. I stood still but the wolf looked at me again and toward a boulder near the edge of the stream.

I knew what he wanted, so I ducked down and hide myself from the boys behind the boulder. The wolf ran for the first time since I had seen him. He ran toward the two boys, barking. I watched as the boys turned to run back up the hill, scared with the wolf right at their heels. I felt that I knew the wolf would have caught up to them with no problem and ripped them apart, but the wolf didn't want to hurt them, he just wanted them out of his forest. When he finished with the boys, he walked back over the small bridge and came to get me. I hadn't moved from my hiding spot until he came for me.

We went back into the house and there, everything gets fuzzy. I don't remember seeing the wolf again, but he had a human maid that had not been there before. I looked through the fridge, feeling hungry and his maid gave me a piece of cheesecake, my favorite dessert.

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Aug 22, 2011
Being better off alone or with friends?
by: Hawkmoon

First i must commend your excellent visual memory of the places you're dreaming, remembering very much details show you're very observant person in awake life too. Secondly, don't try to force and superimpose themes and symbols to your dreams, they could be related to deities, but much often are related to everydays troubles of your life. In first case i would notice abandonment by your friends as primary cause of you ending up in some boneyard. Take only that into account, i would say you feel afraid of notion that your friends will abandon you, and desolate when your friends are not around. Second dream is similar to first (lost your friends, rolled downhill) but this time you ended up in house owned by mysterious wolf. Nonverbal communication is important sign that your helper might not belong to group of your friends. He tells you to hide while he chases away regular troublemakers that visit your dreams. My first thought that wolf is actually part of you, that you have a wolf right inside you, as wolf is very observant creature, and that you shouldn't base your good feelings only upon presence of your friends, but on yourself also, since wolf can function well both as loner or in pack. It represents inner strenght that you're not aware of but that knows all your intimate secrets, including your favorite cookie :). If i were you, i would draw upon that strenght and try to summon a wolf in every future dream where you feel threatened and scared. It might prove to be valuable ally in dreams as wel as in awake life.

Oct 13, 2015
Dreams Combined NEW
by: Anonymous

I do feel that these dreams are from God and that the first was used as a metaphor of what would happened if you stumble and fall away from God and get closer with Satan and the second dream was what a different story would happen if you still live in the word of God and stay close to him. I think this means that the you have the choice of power since you've had a similar dream twice but with different situations.

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