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Well I Did It Before... (S&D)

by Anonymous

I've heard that many people have "flying dreams", nighttime visions of soaring through the sky like some kind of superhero or magical human-bird; however, I doubt that the majority of those people have flying dreams akin to mine - ones that are often more frustrating than enjoyable. This type of dream is a recurring one for me. Every few weeks or so, it will pop up in my nighttime mind. I can't decide whether I look forward to it or not, but regardless of my wishes, it's with me for good it seems.

The dream always begins with me speeding across the sky. The landscape below often differs, but the one that appears most often and did so most recently closely resembles that of seaside cliffs. Flying through the air, skimming the water as a weightless, human airplane, there's nothing I would rather be doing. It feels incredible to have the wind rushing in my face and to watch the earth pass by below me.

However, it never lasts. For some idiotic reason that I can never quite grasp, I land, touching down smoothly onto those cliffs above the water. As soon as my feet come to rest on solid ground, I want to become airborne again, to feel those glorious sensations some more. However (and here's the frustrating part), no matter how hard I try or what I do, I simply can't take off again. The rest of the dream is generally spent doing increasingly desperate acts to get back in the air (ie. running at top speed with my arms spread wide like some crazed flightless bird, lying flat on my stomach on the ground, waiting to take off like an airplane, and eventually repeatedly jumping off the cliffs and climbing back up to try again).

Maybe one of these nights, I'll figure out the trick to getting back among the clouds and be able to have flying dreams like a normal person. At least that's the plan.

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Comments for Well I Did It Before... (S&D)

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Mar 22, 2012
Flying High NEW
by: Umar

Have you considered that you have reached your destination and need to to explore the cliff
to move on? I rarely have your type of flying dream, once I was a rocket (to find where someone lived) and I followed Supergirl another time, however most of my airborn dreams revolve around levitating, hovering and gliding. Over the years i have discovered that this ability is related to a sensation in my stomach (like adrenalin or nausea)and if I focus on recreating this feeling I can relaunch again. I suggest before rushing in to relaunch,evaluate your surroundings, as being on a cliff, you seem to be in the right environment. Cheers Biggles.

Apr 18, 2012
same NEW
by: Anonymous

i often have the same sort of dreams where flying is so awesome but then cant takeoff again.
but in one dream i remember being able to take off, just by knowung it was a dream and i could do whatever i want in it

Jun 15, 2012
Takeoff failure possible solution NEW
by: Anonymous

Maybe you can't take off because thier is a problem weighting uou down in real life.

Oct 08, 2013
I Know How You Feel NEW
by: Anonymous

Ive had the exact same dream. I land somewhere and then repeativley jump as high as I can trying to get lift but it never works and is so incredably frustrating. As you do, I try jump of cliffs and high rocks, I try diving for planes and helicopters it can never manage to fly, and I usually wake up after jumping off something because of the feeling of falling

Oct 08, 2013
I Know How You Feel NEW
by: Anonymous

Ive had the exact same dream. I land somewhere and then repeativley jump as high as I can trying to get lift but it never works and is so incredably frustrating. As you do, I try jump of cliffs and high rocks, I try diving for planes and helicopters it can never manage to fly, and I usually wake up after jumping off something because of the feeling of falling

Nov 04, 2013
Levitation NEW
by: Anonymous

i think the whole of humanity has this dream mostly because the soul yearns to fly .I have been like 2000 years into the future and seen that humans can fly and believe one day it will be a reality

Dec 04, 2014
if u want to fly NEW
by: Anonymous

u can fly again, try to jump, u`ll feel a sensation of bouncing air in your feet, and realize u can float, in your dream u`ll be like superman, just take off like that. just believe it, anyway u could also walk through things since u are in "ghost" state, and telekinesis, those three always happen whenever i`m dreaming, too bad i`m not so often dreaming, its fun haha

Feb 25, 2015
Struggeling to fly NEW
by: Anonymous

When I was little, I Often dreamt I was flying away from 2 people, who was after me. I was So terrified, and it was always a struggle to hover those small 2 meters above the ground. They never catched me tho.

I was very little, and I would think about it for days, 100percent sure I Had indeed been flying.

Jan 08, 2016
Wishing to control NEW
by: Anonymous

I have dreams sometimes about me flying and can't really control where I'm going , it actually is awesome dreaming to fly sometimes wish I could control where I'm going in my dream

Mar 29, 2017
Getting airborn NEW
by: Chris Chase

I imagine thrusters in the palms of my hands and I jump up and focus on the thrusters doing their job. Try closing your eyes while doing this. Upon opening ur eyes expect to be far above the earth.

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