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White Light and Whispers

by Rebeca

First and foremost, I'd like to say that I'm not religious. My family is Catholic, but I do not believe in the Bible or most of their teachings. Just today, August 25th, I had my second and most petrifying occurrence with sleep paralysis and an outer body experience.

Accidentally, I fell asleep on my back while laying on my bed. I had heard various noises coming from my mom and niece, but managed to continue sleeping. Then I saw bright white light explode into my mind. It was all I could see; I then felt as if my non-physical self (spirit?) rose.

Afterwards I found myself to be awake and I could see my room just as I had left it before I fell asleep, but in my left ear I heard sounds. At first it seemed like a buzzing sound and then it converted into mumbled prayers that seemed distant. It was unpleasant and obnoxious. I felt my body extremely heavy and pressed against my bed; my mouth felt as if it were hanging open. I soon panicked as I realized that my body was unable to move and I could not scream for help. I kept trying to find ways to make noise, but my attempts were futile. There were times I attempted to make sound by picking up an item and either banging it on the floor or throwing it. Many of these times I felt the item in my hand and was relieved to be able to achieve movement, but then I'd look and find that my physical body had not moved and
there was no object in my hand. I saw my hand in a ghostly form attempting to grab the items and I was able to look at my body as I laid in bed.

At one point a shadow caught my attention and floating by my tv was the head of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and his neck was bloody as if he had been decapitated. It was a horrifying vision that made me scream but of course no sound came out. I then had my spirit make the sign of cross in to feel protected. I tried to scream, but it only hurt my throat.

Finally, I felt this jolt in my body almost as if I had been pushed into the bed. I then slipped into a state of battling to wake up in order to prevent falling asleep again. During this I felt my body very light which scared me. It was then when I realized I could scream and have my voice projected. I screamed until my mom heard.

Afterwards my body belt tired from being "pushed" down and I felt shaky. It was my second experience with sleep paralysis, but this scared me far more because of the noise and hallucination.

I am a 17 year old female who is extremely open-minded. I hope this story is not seen as some religious person's fake experience only to prove the existence of God. I googled my symptoms right away and found this awesome site. I was still extremely panicky afterwards, but this site helped to feel a lot more relaxed so thank you!

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Mar 21, 2016
Spiritual Enlightenment NEW
by: Anonymous

Yes you sayit might seem spiritually bnenficial to you. From your. Spiritual condition, there is One Being super Being who wants you to understand that there is One who is responsible for your dreaming of such kind. He gave you such weird dream leading to an intense emotion for you to feel even not right after,that you need to know Him.

This is all i can say with the intention of helping you. Thank you.

Mar 02, 2019
White lights and ringing
by: Anonymous

I know this is an old thread, but it seems to be similar to an experience I had last night. I was about to fall asleep and suddenly I could see an extremely bright light in my room, accompanied by a sound of bells ( A mild and comforting but out of place sound, like Christmas bells). I kept feeling like someone or something intensely powerful was watching me,with no intent to harm me. But watching nevertheless. I chanted a mantra in my head and very soon, I could hear murmurs of a familiar mantra playing in the background. In a few more minutes, the noises and the light faded and I was left with an uncanny feeling. Like I was not ready to grasp what was truly happening. I stayed awake for at least 10-15 more minutes, trying to put my hyper mind to rest.
If someone can help me understand this, I would be beyond grateful.

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