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Why do I remember my dreams so vividly?

by Annette Handelsman
(Crystal Lake, IL)

I have very specific dreams which sometimes come true at another time. Why and how is this happening?

Kevin: There are a number of different schools of thought that would provide you with different explanations for why some of your dreams may or may not have some "predictive" quality. Some would suggest your subconscious is at work, some would suggest a self-fulfilling prophecy type explanation, while others would suggest merely coincidence. If you care to provide some more details on some of your specific dreams someone may be able to suggest some more specific answers, but in the field of dream interpretation any solidified answers are near impossible to come by.

You can begin your search for answers perhaps though by reading this article highlighting different philosophies addressing the question of why we dream.

Also, if you're a vivid dreamer you may want to check out lucid dreaming if you don't already practice it--it's an absolutely incredible thing.

Comments for Why do I remember my dreams so vividly?

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Feb 15, 2015
I'm the same way NEW
by: Anonymous

I can remember my dream down to the smallest detail it's pretty amazing just like the movie with Leonardo decaprio inception it's like a world that you create I've become so good at remembering that while I'm in my dream im almost fully conscious I know it a dream I know I can change things and I do and I know what happens next in my dreams because for my whole like Ive had the same dreams Over and over again almost like a series of episodes of dreams so once I start dreaming I'm aware of what's going to happen in my dream because I can remember it , it's like every dream is a episode and my life or myself is the series , omg how do i explain it ok I remember at least 30 different dreams they repeat over and over again each dream it's like an espiode different occasion different setting different theme , I can't decide what episode/dream to choose but once I start dreaming I know what happens next because I remember it and sometimes something that I see in the dream does come true in reality like one time me and my visited Miami for a vacation while on the driving on the highway I kept predicting what we would see next for example I told them that we was going to pass a hotel with light up letters on top a circle size entrance a Parking lot next to it which would have a line bushes on the right side ect ect and once we turn the corner that's exa what we saw everyone thought I was crazy or that it was a prank but it wasn't I remember it from my dream but on those rare dreams where they kinda come true I never have then again after it coincides with reality and it kinda suck but oh well lol but yea that's my story I swear I'm not making this up

Dec 21, 2015
Extremely vivid NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm only 13 and as long as I've lived my dreams have been VERY vivid, I can remember the dream I had last night in perfect detail, and I can remember a dream I had last year in perfect detail. I find myself liking the worlds I create more than reality. I even write stories about my dreams, and it's creepy how much I remember when i take the time to.

Feb 06, 2016
I remember mine, Differently NEW
by: Wolfie

I don't always remember my dreams the following morning or the days ahead ( but I do remember them a lot ), but I can tap into my dreams whilst awake and then remember them all way back to my early teens ( I've not actually tried further ).
It sounds strange I know, but I use a dream I remember ( I have a dream I never forget that I use most times ) as a 'Trigger' dream. Once I am re-watching that dream I can then 'jump' to other previous dreams and then so on and so on. A weird thing to note, whilst this is happening, my closed eye lids vibrate/flicker/shake ( not sure how describe it ) like crazy and I think my eye's feel like they are looking upwards.
It is like replaying them all again like a movie, strange, weird, I know. Just wondered if anyone else had the same experience.

Apr 13, 2016
Remembering NEW
by: Kay

Finally, people who can relate about vivid dreams. But i have searched everywhere and noone explains why I remember dreams from years ago, like when i was 7. Im 18. But heres the thing I'll be living my daily life and bam like deja vu an old dream weasles its way to my train of thought. And i remember all of it, even the way it made me feel when i woke up years ago. It happens very often that these dream memories deja vu things occur. Aside from that i have very vivid dreams, and they arent a problem i absolutley love them. I accept my active mind as a gift because you can control it and it can take you places youd never go. Agreeing with a comment i read, it can make you feel down or longing to just sleep again because these dreams are unfathomably better than real life. I wish i could expain more but its hard to put into words, dreams.

May 31, 2016
Meduim training NEW
by: Anonymous

I rember my dream clearly I was sat round table with three others meduim handed us note pad pen I rember glancing at the clock and read 10 past ten she asked if we could all sense anything about a book that was on the table the book had evil feel round it the other people name where Scott and jonhthan Scott begin to scrible across the book

Jun 04, 2016
Bridge dream NEW
by: Anonymous

I can also remember my dreams so vividly! My friends actually give me weird stares because I can tell them the whole dream I had. I can remember every details of the dream. I remembered having a dream about a bridge. It was very creative and complicated. There were like many steels and irons but i can remember the design of the bridge. It was something like this [] but more complicated and there's no floor for people to walk. There are steels and irons only but in my mind I know its a bridge

Jul 26, 2016
I lived my dreams and remember as well NEW
by: akbshk

Hi, As a kid I use to dream places where I never went, had seen sights which I never saw, but sooner or later, a kind of trigger happens in active life and my entire dream passes right in front of my eyes,sometime exactly as I saw in my dreams. I call it living my dreams, Once I saw my future wife riding pillion on my bike, exactly 3-4 years after that dream, I lived that dream it I don't remember my dreams but a trigger happens in my active life and right then I knew whats going to happen next!

Aug 04, 2016
Vivid Dreams NEW
by: Anonymous

I occasionally had these very vivid dreams. Most of the time I don't even remember my dreams but when I do, I can remember every single detail in there. And I have something called eidetic memory. Eidetic memory is often confused with photographic memory. Eidetic memory is the ability to remember images and sounds without any reminders whereas photographic memory uses all 5 senses. And eidetic memory people sometimes can recall the images and sounds so vividly that they sometimes don't know the difference between reality and illusions. But in my dreams, familiar people appear in them, every facial feature, every scar, everything about the person is in the dream. Even how they would act too and what they would say. But the eidetic memory may be what causes the vivid dreams. But I also what I call deja vu dreams. Sorry if I spelled that wrong. But those are I dream something then when I know when I am awake, I see something that I never saw before in real life but know that I saw it in my dream before. And I have never been to the places I have the deja vu experience.

Aug 18, 2016
Dream Interpretations NEW
by: Sumaira Rasheed

In this website, you can find more explanation of dreams. And also interpretations of dreams.

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