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Why Do My Dreams Never Come True?

by Drew
(Clarksville TN)

Why is it that everything I think or dream of or envision me doing never comes true its the opposite of it like for example im 17 and a senior i was going to play football this year i went to the summer work outs and everything i made the team and during the summer i would always see myself playing real good in the games being a star and well basicly just playing in it but on the night of our first game which was the jamboree my coach came to me and told me i was inelligable because i missed too many days last year and they cut my credits short so i didnt pass 5 out of my 6 classes.

Another example is when for the first time i got a call back from a job i had applied to i went up there for an interview and after that they said they are going to give me a call back so i started dreaming and envisioning me working there and my friends seeing me and i had money but i never got a call back or nothing and i still jobless because every time i would apply for a job i would do the same thing invision myself working there and i would never get the job.

And this didnt just start happening to me ever since i was little i would invision me doing things and when it actual comes down to it its something diffrent i never know why i googled it but i never got a answer just other peoples questions being answered.

Heres another example: i was dating this
girl and i would dream about her being faithful and everthing because all my past relationships i got cheated on but come to find out she was cheating on me too im not that ugly looking or fat. so why does this happen was it because i drempt about her being faithful or was she bad from the start and i didnt just dream of her being faithful it was all my girl friends well most of them an they all turned out the same way by cheating or they would break up with me for no reason.


But back to my original question why do evertime i think of something or invision something good for me it never happens or turns out the wrong way!!?? answers please but doubt it..

Kevin: Hi Drew, thanks for writing in. While some people do believe that dreams have the potential to be predictive in nature, these theories are for the most part speculative and not grounded in science. What you dream does not guarantee anything in your future will come to pass. Ultimately, if you want something to happen you have to make it happen man. Use your dreams as motivation, but do not rely on them as guarantees.

Best wishes to you,

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Nov 14, 2010
I know exactly how you feel
by: Dylan

I was just now dreaming of seeing my girlfrien this weekend and she just sent me a message saying we cant go out anymore...

This is horable that assoon as you visulise sumfing gud its gone, cn never happen that way, i saw myself reading a reply bt it nw probably wont happen

Jul 17, 2011
Dreams and Real Life
by: Anonymous

Dreams are good, but you have to work hard to be successful. Get a goal for your life and do everything to obtain it. If it never comes around then turn to something else that you are interested in. Never give up on life, and yes, there are hard things that come, but enjoy what is real and important like your family, and real friends. Make life a happy journay that only comes once.

Nov 26, 2011
Why do dreams never come true?
by: Anonymous

I think what the original poster meant by dreaming was not something that ocurred during his sleep but more along the lines of cosmic ordering, law of attraction...visualization. He makes reference to visualizing things and they do not materialize. I have been doing it for years and most of the things I really wanted, despite all my hard work never happened for me either. Life is one big disappointment after another. Once in awhile we get what we want...and sometimes when we do not in hindsight it was for the best.

I have been asking for certain things for over 20 years and nothing....I have done everything to make them happen..but in this life we need some luck...a break, a chance, and for some of us it does not happen and we go through life failing at everything we ever do.

Apr 19, 2012
i know how you feel
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel, i also googled many times, but couldnt find it, thank you for your post, i am too, since i was a kid always always wanted something so bad, thought of it, not on purpose to manifest but daydreamed and never came true, it did actually but totally something opposite, i am a believer, and i have knowledge of everything is out there, from law of attraction to tulpas,and guardian angels,etc, and i am a positive, optimistic person all my life, and some people might say at first that, because i think of it thats why, they say because i think it wont come true thats why, but not true, i always believed nomatter what i have worked and cleared all my blockages as they say in LOA, but i didnt have those thought before, and i have made an experiments with things that can never go wrong, lol
and it did, so funny, so the question is how can i possibly get something if anything i want goes opposite?!

May 05, 2012
I too feel that way I'm an immigrant!!!!
by: Anonymous

I wasn't born here but I was raised here since I was very small, I always dreamed of being big getting, older having a great job I too feel that way you know all those stuff one dreams as a kid, but as I turn 18 reality started to kick in. I had no license I have no social security so all dreams got flushed down the drain as I see more and more racism my dreams become nightmares and the nightmares into reality. I now have a son I work I don't get money from government and tried fixing my status but seems no hope all I can do is maintain living day by day praying I don't get deported, I don't drive I just work to eat and my country well I only know what I hear on the news and what I hear from people. My dreams turn into nightmares, nightmares that do come true.....

Mar 27, 2013
Feeling the same. NEW
by: Anonymous

Drew that's so True. I too encounter disappointment after disappointment .....once in a while I hit one or two success; Nowadays, I do it mechanically. I try, try ...try many times, end up with a tiny tine of what I want. I have realized. I will never get what I dream of even though it's my reach. I work hard like a dog but I know I will not get what I want. I guess that's life.

May 18, 2013
Same in my case.... NEW
by: Anonymous

I dream a lot... to be precise.. i imagine a lot about my future, but the end of the day all i get is disappointment. There are times when i cried all night and unable to share it with anyone. I tried hard to stop myself from imagining things big and dreaming abt them.But, atlast my human instincts would never allow and i end up being dissapointed.

Sep 13, 2013
my dreams never come true!!! duh... NEW
by: Anonymous

It's the same with me. there is lot of my life left to live but this habit of mine envisioning everything the way i want it to happen and end up seing no results of smthing or totally opposite sucks now.i think i gotta live with it.

Jul 05, 2014
I think Its some type of science to it. NEW
by: Anonymous

This happens all the time to me and I hate it.*I bet only reason why u got an answer is because u doubted yourself* Now that I see that I'm not alone and see other people have the same thing as I do, why do they tell us to never doubt yourself when obviously if you doubt yourself things happen that's good Im going to live by this never " Never envision things just let life surprise you." When I get that feeling to dream about something I will just repeat that and never think about it again.

Jul 05, 2014
I think Its some type of science to it. NEW
by: Anonymous

This happens all the time to me and I hate it.*I bet only reason why u got an answer is because u doubted yourself* Now that I see that I'm not alone and see other people have the same thing as I do, why do they tell us to never doubt yourself when obviously if you doubt yourself things happen that's good Im going to live by this never " Never envision things just let life surprise you." When I get that feeling to dream about something I will just repeat that and never think about it again.

Oct 15, 2014
ME TO! I feel like a dream failure NEW
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel. I am almost 50 years old, and my whole life has been about dreaming big! I go after my dreams and fail every time. It is like the harder I try or the bigger I dream, the worse things get. I have sometimes felt like God is waiting to see what my desires are so He can arrange the opposite to happen. I hate those cute little sayings about never giving up on your goals, because I try and try and never give up but still....constant disappointment. I will say though! I have had some pleasant surprises along the way, and some....SOME of those pleasant things have made up for the constant disappointment. Mostly I feel let down and like a failure. I hope your dreams do come true, even if mine never do.

Jun 23, 2015
Any solution? NEW
by: Anonymous

Okay now enough of examples is there any solution or some way of preventing such thoughts?iam really annoyed by these thoughts ! Why does this even happen? Is it some kinda power we have?or is it related to our brain ? Or is it not yet know?

Jun 26, 2015
Dreams is to forever Exists Never granted NEW
by: Nanimo Nai

My Dreams are selfish because i only wish that all idiots and retards vanish from this world.

without stupid people....we will have a better life in reality and virtual

Jul 31, 2015
Dreams NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi. I have dreams and they don't come true. I mean, nothing happens. Not the opposite, or the same. Nothing. So, I was wondering what it meant. I guess it was just stupid dreams. I guess I just thought they were special because other dreams I barely remember.

Feb 01, 2016
Real motivation= still not coming true. NEW
by: Anonymous

Yes!! Even since I was in middle school I would literally dream about being Student Body President my Senior year. I actually worked hard and worked my way up to the top to win. Then I didn't win. Not because I didn't actually do anything, because I did everything and anything, but because I had a dream about winning so I didn't win. I know that sounds silly but that's the only thing I can think of. That's just one example. But I know if I want something really bad, I can't dream about it because it won't happen.

Jan 13, 2017
Thought I was the only one NEW
by: Alisha

I googled 'why do the things i dream/envision about never come true?', not expecting to find this post with people experiencing similar things! All my dreams and goals were never achieved, either due to my own fault or surrounding circumstances. Never have I managed to predict or reach any situation I imagined in my head. I even tried envisioning negative scenarios or not imagining at all to avoid the 'bad luck' haha...

I suppose Life stays unpredictable for us. Its heartwretching but it also keeps us on our feet and perhaps help us avoid worse circumstances. Just stay positive and love everything around you, the beautiful days are yet to come~

Jan 21, 2017
wow NEW
by: Anonymous

blah blah blah work hard blah blah ok first off that is bull shit I believed that shit and was like ok and I felt like a dog chasing there tail dreams are bullshit god doesnt love everyone he loves only a few if he loves everyone wont we all be successful at following our dreams? if you think he still loves us all and some of us have to "work hard" you are a fucking blind basterd your saying that to make everyone fell better god is an evil disgusting mother fucker he does not just hate gays he hates straight people to like me no matter what I try to do to make my life better there is something that comes and fucks every thing up its not carma its the fat ass god never follow your dreams its all a waste of time dont try new thing again it fucks you up faith is the worst thing you can have you leave something having "faith" you can do it after god puts his penis in your ass and rips it apart

Jun 22, 2017
Yay! My dream came true. NEW
by: Soul

I am 40 years old and none of my dreams ever came true except 1. I dreamt that I was being robbed at my house, a few days later some hooded lads forced their way in my house and robbed my bag and car keys and ran off. I am well pissed with these dreams and the creator can stick them up his asshole.

Aug 05, 2017
You Need To Submit yourself to God totally NEW
by: Anonymous

Wow, firstly my English is not so smooth but am sure you will understand, If you are dreamer and your dream never come true, You have alot of work to do. Firstly you need to choose your GOD 60 to 70% than your life or work, anyone who is a dreamer or visioner is reserve for GOD,its might not be presently but in future purpose,He can use you anytime but you need to develop your relationship with him, You need to always read your bible time to time even if you are less busy at work, when you get home, before you sleep,in the morning, if you stick to this everything will become clearly to you, A dream suppose to come trust, do you know why its doesn't come true, some of you dont know how to interpret it or your tough about your friends or anybody is bad, your thinking too,You need to love your God if you love your God you will love your neighbor , If you are a dreamer you need to always ask God to give you the spirit to develop it and know the meaning of your dream, for instance Joseph had a gift of dream and know how to interpret it and he's dream always come true, If you are dreamer you are worker for God, work in church, if you are just a normal worshiper ask your pastor is there anything i can do to work for God for free, like myself now i dream alot, i even dream about Jesus Christ, Moses and Elijah they are talking to me but i didnt hear what they are saying but inside my heart i can hear them but not my ear. If you have already submit yourself to God totally and you begin to understand dream, You also have power to control your dream if your dream is bad or danger dream it but is not a small work. Can you try this for 7days anyone who is a dreamer here, Get a candle each day get a small bow inside with a clean water and read a bible chapter where God talk about dream and where God Decree say everything inside the water and drink part of it, use your hand to shingle the water in your room or everywhere in your home then take the rest water to shower, light the candle read the bible say your request and drink part of the water and say your request and light it over your head when you want to sleep, tell God to make you understand your dream and open your eyes for you to be useful to him, firstly praise him ask for forgiveness that you are now ready for him to serve him more and get this into your head,keep it in your heart if God check your heart and soul that you are 100% righteousness anytime he can send a dream to you to deliver to the world. Even if you had a dream and u dont know the meaning, fast a day with your candle and ask God you want to know the meaning of your dream and what to do, that same night a massage will come to your four head but you need to do this with faith and submission to God you cannot ask for all this if you are a sinner. its not gonna work out. if you begin to follow this step take note from that day everything will become new before you ask for anything people will bring for you, with all this you will begin to dream about spiritual work to use for your life to be successful, there is a chapter in the bible that God want to destroy a country maybe Moses or Abraham was asking him what about all prophet in that country, but God say i have more than 5,000 or more prophet reserved that they didn't even know that they are prophet because the country is full of evil, So you are reserve for God purpose but not now, I am Glad you understand the king of person you are.If anybody have a question for me, you are free to send it, ill definitely reply back. A dreamer or prophet has alot of Grace than any ordinary person. when you begin to grow in spirit you will understand better because you have 60 to 70% sure you can communicate with God through your dream or vision.

Thank you all and sorry for my English.

Mar 27, 2018
young pamper NEW
by: Anonymous

You're 17 stfu!

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