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Zombies In A Library. This Can't Be Good.

by Sam

The dream starts off with me recognizing that I'm no longer trying to go to sleep in my bed because I'm now standing with a shot gun in the middle of an almost never ending field of knee high grass. My shoes aren't on, which is a funny feeling since I can feel the grass shift in between my toes, so I realize that I must be dreaming because I have a shotgun but no shoes.

Weird logic, but that's how it went, so I guess that makes it a low level lucid dream.

Anyways, I decide I might as well get this dream over with, so I start walking through the grass towards a hill in the distance. Once I reach the top of the hill, I see to the other side that there's not only more grass, but a crowd of randomly dressed people huddled in front of the door of a building with gorgeous looking windows.

When I get closer, they notice me and my gun, and approach me, asking me to use it to help them get rid of the danger in their library. They lead me over to the windows to let me see what I'd be dealing with, and I see a bunch of undead corpses standing facing different bookshelves. Just standing stock still, staring at the shelves, making tiny movements with their heads that you can see from their twitching neck tendons (I didn't actually see their heads move, but their necks did the motions).

A lady from the crowd pulls out a chicken with a rope around it's legs from nowhere. She then slits its neck, opens the door and flings in the chicken, and one of the zombies perks up and starts chasing after it, and she pulls the rope so it would chase it outside.

When the zombie is out of the
library, with me having my left shoulder facing the windows, it shields its eyes from the sun and turns over to me. I raise my gun ready to shoot, and it opens its mouth and starts singing the word "Wait!" in an opera-esque voice. I falter, end up misfiring, and shoot the building by accident.

It continues to sing in a deep, reverberating voice of why they won't eat us, and other zombies start to file out and sing too, not like a chorus to the main one, but mixing in and out for the focus singer.

The first zombie never looks at anybody else, seemingly singing to me and me alone, which makes my skin crawl, and as his jaw gets closer and closer to falling off with each note (while he gets closer and closer to me, making me stumble and fall on my butt), the other zombies mix in with the crowd. Still singing, they make graceful motions towards the crowd of survivors, and each one picks up one onto its shoulder and raises its free hand from its hip to level with its shoulder in a waving motion before disappearing and leaving me by myself in that field with a library.

After hearing such a beautiful song (Which I wish I knew more about opera to be able to place a good example of what it could sound like), I try to think of a reason to stay alive in this dream, because if I stay alive, something else will take up the memory of that song. The more I contemplated it, the less of the song I could remember, so I freaked out and decided right there to end the dream with my usual method by killing myself.

Thank god I had that gun, or else I probably wouldn't have been able to leave till something else got me.

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Jul 10, 2011
Zombie Says "Wait!"
by: Kevin

So interesting. And remarkably funny. Thanks for that one Sam, and for killing yourself in the dream so you could remember enough to share it with us!

I guess zombies really aren't as evil as we make them out to be...

Aug 11, 2011
Lucid Dreaming

All I can say is that once you enter lucid dream mode, things are going to get wild!

May 06, 2013
inception NEW
by: Anonymous

Oh lord...killing yourself? sounds very familiar! I didn't know that people do actually try to find a way to kill yourself just so u can wake up! do u do it often, does it work??

on a side note, have u ever had like suicidal thoughts? not that it will necesarily be related but jsut wondering how/where that idea is...

always in MY dreams i try to survive...I only surrender when i know its hopeless, or hope/know its just a dream anyway

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