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Is Sleep Talking The Truth? I May Be In Trouble...

by Anon

My girlfriend said i was talking in my sleep about being with another girl and cheating. I have no idea what I was saying and I know I have never cheated EVER!!! She was curious as you would be and searched online to see if

talking in your sleep is the truth or not.

Some websites say you talk truth in your sleep, but I know it's not true.

Is there a real scientific answer to what sleep talking really means??? And how can I prove I am not lying??

Kevin: Hey Anon, sorry to hear about your predicament. As far as I know, there's nothing to make us believe that what we say while we are asleep is necessarily the truth. In fact, there is ample evidence of absurdities said during sleep that don't make much sense or part hugely from reality. Just take the hilariously absurd blog Sleep Talkin' Man for example.

The fact of the matter is that you are asleep during sleep talking episodes, and plenty of un-real stuff happens during our sleep. There's nothing intrinsic about the nature of sleep talking that guarantees true statements.

In terms of proving it to your girlfriend, I'd find cases where the truth was not stated during sleep talking. Our sleep talking stories may help. Where my knowledge is right now, I don't know of any more scientific way to prove it. But hopefully you can rely on her trust for you too.

All the best,

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Aug 03, 2011
by: Kevin

P.S. This visitor-submitted post and especially its comments may in particular be a valuable read for you.

Aug 20, 2011
some help from a kindred spirit
by: justin

i belive sleep conversations only consist of some truth its possible that you felt like you cheated on by doing something quistonible

Mar 13, 2015
sleep talking NEW
by: Anonymous

Am wondering if my girlfriend was thinking of someone before bed nor dreaming of someone! As "said I want you back" in her sleep while I waz laying next to her.

Jun 12, 2015
boyfriend talks truth or not? NEW
by: Anonymous

I was asking my boyfriend is he serious about us and he was asleep and his response was " tbh idk.." can this be a true comment?

Nov 16, 2015
Sleep talking NEW
by: Anonymous

I spoke in my sleep stating I love you Chris. This is not my partners name . Do we speak the truth while sleep talking. I have no idea this was said. Please help need some advise. As now my relationship is on the rocks.

Dec 25, 2015
Very worried NEW
by: Anonymous

So since it's Christmas we went over to visit some family and my uncle said that in my sleep around 2 a.m. I said "we don't need a shepherd" which is very odd because in what context would that be that isn't weird

Jan 10, 2016
What a mess NEW
by: Anonymous

When my partner got up this morning my partner was annoyed with me he has said I was talking in my sleep saying a lot of negative things about him now he won't speak to me and says he now knows what I really think of him. I talk in my sleep a lot and don't remember my dreams ☹

Apr 26, 2016
Moaning and saying show me in sleep weirdly NEW
by: Anonymous

Me and my fiancee have been together five years and he talks in his sleep but only sometimes it makes sense I heard him say show me a couple of times but chuckling provocatively like he was messing around with someone.... Could this mean his cheating on me

Aug 01, 2016
sleep talking NEW
by: Anonymous

my husband doesnt trust me anymore just because I said the name of a friend of mine in my sleep. I have never even thought of cheating on him in the 4 years we have been married. Needless to say, I am very upset with him at the moment.

Sep 02, 2016
talking to his ex NEW
by: Anonymous

My man talks in his sleep right before he is actually asleep..... he works with his ex who is also his childs mother so he talks and sees her just as much as me he said....
Well I tell u what my problem is , that you brought your boyfriend over here the other day for fuck sake and I have feelings for you.... lots more to but he voice got lower and lower and I could not make out what the rest of what he said was
But I have all of it on video because we were being intament before he fell asleep I have not watched it yet but I know I got it on there.... I do know that his ex does have a boyfriend and they plan on getting married sometime soonish my ? Is how much of sleep talk is true cause this sounds like it may be true

Mar 06, 2017
My wife NEW
by: Anonymous

I was lying next to my wife in bed an she was asleep an she came out with if you don't say anything I won't say anything an we can have sex I confronted her an she say she don't remember anything

May 05, 2017
Sleep sex? NEW
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend got really drunk last night, when we were sleeping he woke me up by talking and moving around. He was asleep but it sounded just like he was having sex and doing other stuff. He was saying oh baby and at one point said oh ya take it all off so I can take a picture and other stuff. He ended up saying his ex's name to I'm not sure what to do.

Jul 26, 2017
Sleep talking NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm a really bad sleep talker and suffer server night terrors and one night I was talking in my sleep and said some stuff that I shouldn't have said and my partner confronted me about it and I had to confess everything that I had done in the passed and now it has ruined her life I know I shouldn't have done it in the first place but my advice is that if you suffer from sleep talking make sure your conscience is clear and you have nothing to hide

Oct 10, 2017
No way is it truth NEW
by: Anonymous

I lied to my girlfriend in my sleep last night. She asked if I'd put my phone on charge and I replied that I had. I hadn't and was well aware of the fact. We've also had full on conversations about ridiculous things, both asleep as she talks in her sleep and if you talk to me when I'm asleep I answer. Sleep talking is very silly, hardly truth

Jan 08, 2018
Confused NEW
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend usually tells me how much he loves me in his sleep and tonight was different he said he didn’t love me said sorry and then asked if I wanted a hug

Jun 11, 2018
Is sleep talking true NEW
by: Scott

I had an experience many yrs go with a ex gf admitting that she slept with someone I then found out few days later from her friend it was true and they said the same thing she did in her sleep and said she told them she then admitted to me it's true so here I have ex partner again (not the same one) who I live with also share the bed with also and she had her eyes slightly open and said that's what I told my ex I'm trying to sleep then again 30mins later said just wait till the morning for it... What do you advise I do know when I was not about she was meeting another guy at night and inviting him to our home...?

Jul 11, 2018
Partner said I mumbled my friends name in sleep and I dont remember NEW
by: Anonymous

Last night my partner said that I was mumbling in my sleep so he asked me "what's his name" and I said my friend Seth's name,we had been friends since 3rd grade and I always thought of him as a brother. This morning he confronted me about it and i didn't and still dont remember a thing. I dont have feelings for seth i even told him that i couldn't be his friend anymore because I'm devoted to my partner and our son ,and how i dont want my partner to think i cheated on him (which i have not cheated on him) but he seems to think that i have feelings for seth he doesn't seem really angry but i have bad anxiety and i keep saying I love you to my partner he says it back and I'll ask of hes going to leave he says no but I'm scared he will cause I love him and I want to marry him and I only want to be with my partner how to I explain to him that I only want him and no one else cause everytime I try he says then why'd I say Seth's name and I just dont know how to make him trust me that I only want him

Sep 19, 2018
There may be some truth in sleep talking NEW
by: Anonymous

My girlfriend of six months talks about recent conversations she has had. On Monday she repeated what was said to a neighbour who arrived two months ago. I live in another city and left on Tuesday morning. Long story but she has just started seeing the neighbour when I leave to return to my house. Friday nights conversation is going to be difficult!

Jan 09, 2019
Telling him I loved him for the first time
by: Anonymous

So I’ve been seeing this guy and he’s completely amazing well I stay at his house over night at least most the week for a couples weeks now.. well we were sleeping and he wasn’t completely asleep I guesss.. well the next day he told me that I told him I loved him in his ear while i was sleeping.. do I honestly feel this way for him already when technically we aren’t dating but we are together. I didn’t think I talked in my sleep and he’s never mentioned to me that I do besides the other night when I told him I loved him for the first time.. love is such a strong feeling and my feelings for him are so strong but why would I tell him I love him unconsciously and not knowing I did..

Jun 30, 2019
I know
by: Anonymous

You say that sleep talking isn't necessarily the truth but what if my boyfriend whispers another woman's name every single night! Over and over and over all night
And the funny thing is is that she has the same name as I DO. But I know it's not me he's talking about

Jun 30, 2019
I know
by: Anonymous

You say that sleep talking isn't necessarily the truth but what if my boyfriend whispers another woman's name every single night! Over and over and over all night
And the funny thing is is that she has the same name as I DO. But I know it's not me he's talking about

Dec 06, 2020
Drunk sleep talking
by: Anonymous

Earlier at the grocery store we was talking to a girl that works there.Now my boyfriend is drunk sleep and then says" she work at Hannaford she can get the meat " ... What does that? Do he find her attractive? He want to have sex with her?

Sep 18, 2021
Im confused NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm dating a guy but we're not really into a relationship yet. I have insomnia so sometimes I'm the only one who's awake while he easily falls asleep. He said I love you many times in his sleep and won't stop until I answer him back. One episode is that he pulled me and lay on top of me and saying some words I couldn't figured out. Next morning, he said he had a dream and in his dream he was hugging and convincing me that he love me. He said it feels real. Then I told him that he was really hugging me that night and he was mumbling. But we never exchanged i love yous yet in our conscious state. I love him but I'm afraid to tell him

Feb 13, 2023
Don’t worry about it! NEW
by: Anonymous

Please don’t stress yourselves out about what your partners say in their sleep. My ex was a sleep talker. Once he sat up, turned to the door, and spoke in German. When I asked him if he was ok, he turned to me and said in English "I was just checking if that man has a gun" then went back to sleep!

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