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Oasis Body Pillow Has Helped My Migraines, Night Sweats and Racing Heart When I Sleep

by Annette
(Crystal Lake, IL)

When I don't get a good night sleep, I wake up with migraines and my heart racing. I found a natural way to resolve my issues. I received as a gift an Oasis Body Pillow. It comes with a heating and cooling unit. For me, sleeping with a constant cool pillow has made the difference.

This pillow is very versatile too! My husband also gets migraines (stress) and I lay the pillow horizontally so we both can share. When we are not sharing (my preference) I sleep with it vertically and place the pillow between my legs or I just throw a leg over it if I am on my stomach. Either way, I get really relaxed and sleep well. Have you ever heard of this product? How does body temperature affect my sleep?

Kevin: Thanks for sharing this Annette, as well as your other submission about your vivid dreams.

This is actually the second time I've had the Oasis Body Pillow mentioned to me in the last two days (The other time was in the comments section of this page about night waking with internal heat). I often get very hot at night myself to the point where I have difficulty sleeping, and having something cool near me helps a lot. This body pillow sounds like a great way to prevent the warmth from even starting in the first place. I wonder, is it a hassle at all to have plugged in or maintain?

I'm thrilled you were able to find relief with this, and I hope others will be able to as well. If anyone else has used the Oasis Body Pillow, or are thinking about using it, I would love to hear your thoughts as well. You can share them using them by posting a comment on this page.

For anyone else reading this who would like to learn more about the Oasis Body Pillow, you can visit their website at


Comments for Oasis Body Pillow Has Helped My Migraines, Night Sweats and Racing Heart When I Sleep

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Sep 15, 2010
Does the unit become obtrusive?
by: Annette

Hi Kevin. In response to your question about the Oasis Body Pillow and its cooling unit, the unit does not become obtrusive at all! I placed it under the foot part of my bed and fed the small cooling hoses through the footboard of my bed. The pillow itself is pretty free to move about. If I am sharing it with my husband, I simply move the cooling unit to the headboard of my bed. It has a whisper quiet fan that is soothing. It is almost like listening to waves when and if you can hear it. If I have my ceiling fan on at the same time, you cannot hear the unit at all.

Sep 16, 2010
Oasis Body Pillow
by: Anonymous

Annette is exactly right. The unit is about 8"X10"X5" so it is relatively small and light weight and has a small fan. The fan noise is quite and soothing. The tubing is long so it does not interfear or tangle when sleeping. I also place the control unit at the foot of the bed and when I use it as a pillow for my head both my husband and I can enjoy having a cool pillow. When I use the pillow on my head, the unit is then placed by the head of the bed(ON FLOOR). Also, this unit can be used when watching TV on the sofa because it is so portable to move around.Recently, my son pulled a muscle on his shoulder and the warmth of the pillow helped him out.Mulptiple use of this pillow. Highly recommend.

Sep 16, 2010
I forgot to mention
by: Annette

I apologize Kevin for you asked if the Oasis Body Pillow was easy to maintain. I should have mentioned it is a sealed unit and there is no maintenance. You put water in it once and then seal it. As I was told, because it is sealed, the water never evaporates therefore it doesn't require any maintenance. In regards to the pillow itself, it comes in 3 layers. There is an outer layer that has a zipper and is machine washable. Then the inner layer is the cooling pillowcase with another zipper that goes over the down alternative pillow that is in the core of the pillow. All is washable. I hope this helps.

Sep 17, 2010
Thanks for the great info!
by: Kevin

Thanks again Annette for the great info. I hope people find it of use. Thanks also to the other individual who seconded Annette's recommendation. Sounds like a great product.

Nov 02, 2014
Where can I find one????
by: Jewels

PLEASE tell me where I can buy this pillow as I have searched and searched and cannot locate somewhere to purchase this.

Nov 11, 2014
Where is the Oasis Body Pillow?
by: Mary Jo McDermott

I can' find this pillow anywhere on the internet either. It is not located at the website you indicated. Thank you!

Oct 15, 2015
by: Linda

I was trying to find the pillow online also and was unable to find it anywhere. Perhaps Annette could post the manufacturer's name. I'm wondering if they discontinued it. If anyone finds it, would you post it on this site?

Thanks and here's to a good nights, cool sleep!

Apr 11, 2016
by: Anonymous

My wife is having trouble sleeping due to fact she feels hot. She is 31 and has had this issues for years. When i touch her skin it feels hot after a few minuted i have to remove my hand due to how warm she feels but her temperature is normal. Its not menopause any suggestions. We constantly have to keep the ac on even during winter. I freeze and she burns up

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